Well, Well, Well: 5 Great Reasons Why Companies Should Have Wellness Programs

wellness programs

66% of companies have expanded their wellness programs in the past five years.

Wellness programs are unique to each company but may consist of healthier food options, fitness centers on campus, and the like to boost employee wellness.

But is having a wellness program at work right for your business? Let’s explore some reasons why a wellness program may fit right into your company.

Benefits of Wellness Programs

Wellness programs can bring to light ways for employees to better their health that they may not find on their own.

Here are five reasons why you should consider one for your company.

Healthcare Costs Lowered

When a company decides to offer a wellness program, the cost of insurance decreases per employee. For three years, a case of 22 studies that examined health care costs combined with wellness programs, showed that the average return on investment per employee was over $3.

However, your wellness program must be robust enough for the insurance company to consider lowering your costs. Simply offering healthy food or lectures about the benefits of exercise isn’t enough.

Boost in Productivity

The creative and productive work of your employees depends largely on their health. When employees are healthier they are more focused, driven, and energetic, and their health risks are lowered. Helping them stay in shape communicates that you care about their health. It can also give them a sense of confidence which in turn can increase productivity.

Gain More Employees

When some employees discover you offer a wellness program at work, they’re more likely to come on board with your company. Some employees enjoy the aspect of having access to programs that promote wellness. While not everyone will realize the benefits of a wellness program, they’ve shown that the employee retention rate is high.

Employees Begin Practicing Healthier Behaviors

Wellness programs seek to change behaviors that are considered unhealthy. When people understand the correct steps to making lasting changes to their health, like the right foods to eat, the importance of exercise, and so forth they’re more likely to stick to it.

It’s often difficult for people to stick to maintaining their health, but with a wellness program, people have easier access to resources during their workday. Once they learn more about how to implement these, it becomes easier to see how they can fit it in their lives.

Better Attendance From Employees

Good health is directly related to how often you fall ill. When you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you find that your sick days are few and far between.

When employees are taking advantage of the wellness program things like stress can decrease. Also, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing obesity could be noticable.

And when employees feel like they’re taken care of they’re more likely to show up for work.

Wellness Programs: A Win-Win

From lower insurance costs to better productivity and attendance, wellness programs prove that their investment is substantial. Overall, the success of your company depends on them, and the benefits of a wellness program not only help them but your business as a whole.

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