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The Pillars of Wellness Benefits
The highest hurdle in implementing a mental wellness initiative is the stigma that is unfortunately still associated with mental wellness.

Although Canadian culture as a whole is making it more and more acceptable almost on a daily basis, in the workplace the picture is very different. Studies and workplace reviews have shown that individuals suffering from mental health associated afflictions are more likely to admit it to their family, friends or even neighbours. Co-workers, supervisors, managers and directors are way down the list when it comes to people with whom employees struggling with mental health will confide in. This is the reason why mental health is such a hard part of a wellness initiative. The best an employer can do is have workshops on how to delicately identify, approach and assist people displaying symptoms that might potentially need help. All initiatives an employer institutes when it comes to mental health and wellness are better than turning a blind eye or hoping the problem will solve itself. With the amount of time work demands, any mental health issue will have an effect on that employee's productivity and motivation, affecting surrounding employees, and workflows

  • One of the best solutions is an EAP

    (employee assistance program) that will direct the struggling employee to the right practitioner confidentially. This solution might be a challenge for smaller to medium-sized organizations that do not have an external EAP provider. As internal EAP have very little to no engagement when it comes to mental health issues or even questions. A wellness initiative that every organization no matter what size can introduce, is to make sure people don't burn-out.

  • Some symptoms of burnout can be:
    Chronic fatigue, lack of energy and feeling tired throughout the day.
    Impaired concentration and attention, forgetfulness
    Increased illness
    Loss of appetite

    These usually lead to anxiety and depression if left unattended. The most effective treatment for burnout is time off and relaxation. Ideally utilizing time off to travel, relax and do something they find recharging. Studies have shown that a break from the environments that cause stress (work and home) can jumpstart the brain into starting the healing process and getting rid of stress hormones epinephrine and cortisol. Often the most significant contribution by an employer to an employee's mental health can be allowing them the time and space to heal.

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Physical health from a wellness program perspective should focus on preventative measures to ensure long-term health.

But there are many other benefits associated with physical wellness and reasons why so many employers realize that investment in these programs is not only a good initiative but that it's crucial for the success and growth of any business. Clinical studies have proven that physically healthy people miss less working days due to health-related reasons, are more productive at their job and help maintain group health insurance costs lower for the organization as a whole. The real engagement issue most employers face is that much like everything else, there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to physical health. To indeed assist employees in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • an employer must know what motivates each individual employee and what form of exercise do they genuinely enjoy

    If the hope is for employees to really gain a long-term physical benefit from an employer-initiated wellness program, then just like with any physical regiment persistence is vital. All current research will point to finding a physical activity that one enjoys as critical in their continuation with it. The challenge is offering a solution that will fit everyone and what they like. Maybe an on-premise gym or gym membership might work for a majority of employees, although statistics show that 67% of people that sign up for a gym never use it, which based on general statistics would apply to only 23% of your workforce. What about the remaining 67%, maybe mountain climbing would be their thing, or is it swimming. Possibly signing all the employees up to a paintball club, the ones that don't like it can at least be shot into submission, is that the.

  • The point is that no solution will really engage a majority of your staff unless they get to choose individually what it that solution is

    But not all hope is lost, there are cost-effective external solutions that could potentially provide services to cover a broad segment if not all of your employees.

Financial wellness in the workplace is and should be an integral part of any wellness program or initiative

As one of the top three causes of stress in the North American adult population, finances are often viewed as a taboo subject and admitting that one has an issue financially, is considered a failure. Nothing can be further from the truth, some of the highest paid executives experience enormous amounts of pressure when it comes to their finances. To further accentuate this point, at a recent conference discussing wellness initiatives focusing on financial assistance through literacy. A speaker gave an example of an employee calling the companies EAP to inquire "whether his wife would get the insurance if he commits suicide?" After the further inquiry, this employee's debt was just under five thousand dollars. The amount of debt is irrelevant, and at times it is not debt at all. Only the pressure of feeling lost when it comes to finances. Much like mental health, the best way to deal with financial wellness is through an anonymous program, where struggling employees can get direction. Another way of introducing economic wellness initiatives is to bring in guest speakers on the subject. Anything and everything helps, from estate planning to taxation and investing. The more financially educated an employee is the more confident they become.

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