• “So much better than what I expected.”

    So much better than what I expected.

    The food service industry has always been a hard industry in which to hire. So when developing and opening a new concept eatery I knew I was facing an uphill battle when it comes to hiring. Having a Stafits plan in my back pocket to offer candidates proved so much more appealing then I would have ever imagined. Candidates eyes just lit up when I described the benefit and perk platform we provided through Stafits. Since we’ve opened I see how motivated my team is and how much hype there is around Stafits, I know this plan will be a big help when we start our planned expansion in the future.

    – Riley McGeeGeneral Manager at Adam’s Burger Bar

  • “I am super impressed with how friendly their customer service team was.”

    STAFITS has been unbelievably helpful to me when I wanted to find out more about our new travel benefits for the company I work for. I needed some assistance getting into the site and setting up my account, I ended up using the online chat and got through rather quickly. The customer service team helped me every step of the way and made sure I was ready to go. Having a benefit like this to look forward to using whenever I want to go away is AMAZING! I am super impressed with how friendly their customer service team was. I already can’t wait to book my next trip.

    – Catia SParticipant

  • “The Platform is a real team motivator and a game changer…”

    We have a small company here. It is very important that a small group of employees work well together and I am fortunate enough to have that type of environment in this work place.

    The purpose for my involvement in Stafits are many: I consider it an ongoing guaranteed reward system for my staff and I also view it has a motivational tool to incent my staff to perform at a higher level. Better performance will give me just cause to come up with additional benefits for them.

    Stafits has been so easy to implement, they covered all of our converns and customized a plan specifically for TFSB.

    I have heard the staff talk about Stafits, they talk about plans they have for their account and it has definitely caused a buzz. The Platform is a real team motivator and a game changer when it comes to attracting new talent as well. Moving forward I see it as a major factor in strengthening our corporate culture and wellness initiatives.

    I have certainly found the benefits to our involvement with Stafits, far outweighing the costs.

    – Tim PalmerSenior Finance Manager at Trillium FSB

  • “I would highly recommend a Stafits plan for any business looking to motivate their staff.”

    The impact our Stafits plan has had on both our administrative and manufacturing sides of the company has far exceeded my expectation. AWF has been offering traditional benefits almost since day one, but I have been on the hunt for something that could motivate the different departments and have an impact on the lives of our employees.

    From our initial contact until today, Stafits have proven themselves to be very customer-centric and go above and beyond to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and getting max value from their plans.

    I would highly recommend a Stafits plan for any business looking to motivate their staff. In fact, I already have introduced three companies we work with to Stafits, and they all have thanked me for it.

    Keep up the good work and please thank your customer support team for all their patience and fantastic service.

    – Alex LivshePresident at Amazing Window Fashions

  • “I absolutely love Stafits!”

    I absolutely love Stafits! As an employee, having access to this program has a significant impact on my life and work performance. It has provided me an avenue to recharge my state of mind and avoid the dreaded “burnout” that I’ve experienced while being an efficient employee in a fast-paced work environment. This benefit will factor into my future employment decisions when comparing compensation packages.

    – Kyle GParticipant