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We remember our sad days when employees would leave us after a stone cold break up and walk out of the door and never return. Those days were perilous for we had to look for a replacement as soon as possible. That break-up would cost us a great deal of money.

But then we sat together and pondered upon a possible solution which could somehow retain those employees and also save our pockets from draining. We asked a very simple question from ourselves, “What can we offer staff members that they would all want and look forward to?” As simple as the question was, the answer came out to be even simpler – give them a vacation benefit! Since then we started working on Stafits to help sad employers like yourself. Now, we have come to the point of saying that this staff retention plan is indispensable to the well-being of any business.

We do not need to tell you how important it is to retain your employees. As a business owner, you would know that very well. However, what we can do is educate you about how Stafits is going to help you in the long run.

It is a unique staff retention plan

That’s right. You might have heard people or the “self-claimed experts” give you suggestions of thinking about raising the salaries of your employees in order to make them happy. But what if we tell you that giving those raises costs you more than hiring a new person?

We aren’t kidding. They don’t just cost money, they cost you a lot of other things. For example, your employees start to expect more from you. Even if your business is not doing good after the period of the bonuses passes by, they would still expect to receive them. Also, since you’d want your employees to collaborate rather than compete, giving bonuses is just going to encourage fierce competitions. You might see them sneering and narrowing eyes at each other.

Furthermore, other retention techniques which The Balance has dictated might work, but in the end, not every employer has the time and the marbles to pay attention to each of those little bits.

Thus, in these situations where an employer only looks for some peace of mind, or he just wants a sidekick who could do all that work for him when he could concentrate on other important things, Stafits is the solution that can come in handy in many ways.

It doesn’t involve the employer in the process

This employee retention plan does not require the employer to intervene in any phase. He or she just have to give this plan a go and then be off with his or her business.

The plan runs in the background. We take care of everything from the start until the end. Whether it is the initial employee contact, the requirement of explaining every bit to them or running staff tutorials, we never annoy the employer by asking him to intervene.

Having said that, even when it’s time for your employee to leave for his or her favorite destination, we help them with reservations and every other aspect of their vacation.

Thus, the fuss of everything falling on the desk of the employer is totally eliminated and everything is taken care of by the experienced Stafits hands.

It’s as simple as saying 1, 2, 3

This travel incentive plan does not involve all those bewildering demographics, statistics or complex paperwork. Since we ourselves are business folk, we know how these brain eaters can annoy an employer, and this is why we haven’t included anything of the sort.

Talking about the workings of the plan, the contribution can be done by both the employer and the employee depending upon what the former agrees upon. It could be a 70/30, 15/85, or a 100% contribution by either of the employee or the employer. There are no hard and fast rules and we do not dictate how should you choose, it is totally up to you how you want the contribution ratio to be.

It can be controlled from anywhere

You don’t need to set-up a separate room with modern day contraptions for this program to work. Since it’s all web-based, it gives you the freedom of assigning admins and also managing individual employee accounts right from your desk.

So far, we have let you in some insights of the performance of Stafits. The benefits explained above are related to the employer specifically.

However, when it comes to the bigger picture of your business, this program gives you more than just an employee retention plan.

1) You can establish your company as an aspiration for employees

Believe us when we say that. Because aside from the lucrative benefits a business can offer, the employees normally search for incentives which can also relieve them of the daily churn. In this case, what could be better than receiving traveling dollars?

By signing up with the Stafits, you establish your company as an easy choice for employees when they are out for job hunting.

2) You can save a good amount of money

After changing your company into an employee magnet, you wouldn’t have to do much of the work.

Also, considering the existing employees, when they stay for longer, they become an asset to your company. This, in turn, cannot only ensure greater customer satisfaction because of higher service quality but also can give greater ROIs.

3) Your company can turn into a mini Silicon Valley

We are referring to the Silicon Valley for its aura of innovation. When you have something as alluring as a travel incentive at your rescue, your employees would not only stay longer to see their incentive grow in weight but also, they would work tirelessly by employing all of their faculties in order to help your company grow.

So, this is Stafits for you. By signing for this plan, business folks, we assure you that the relationship between you and your employee or between employee and your company would not see a divorce for the times to come.

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  1. A happy employee is a loyal employee. I was just reading a blog on your site about unique benefits like travel dollars. Travel is a great incentive for most people, whether it’s a staycation, or travel to a sunny beach or big city getaway. While some employers think it’s all about the money (and don’t get me wrong, you have to pay your staff well), incentives can prove the difference between employees staying or taking their talents elsewhere. A happy environment, and creative perks mean more than raises (and there are studies backing this up). It may seem counterintuitive, but these benefits add to your employees’ wellness which in turn, adds to your company’s productivity.

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