Employee Engagement.

In a coconut shell, this is an employee engagement plan that works by offering travel incentives and perks to your staff. For every month they stay with you, your employee accumulates travel dollars. After one month, they can start to cash in their travel dollars or keep on accumulating them. (Employees always have the option to ‘top up’ by paying for the additional costs of a more expensive product) Think of it as a loyalty plan for your employees.

Employee Engagement

Since we’re not talking about robots here, the understanding that each employee is different, with different needs requiring different employee engagement techniques, is a good starting point. Although every wellness initiative is bound to engage some employees, rarely will it engage over 30% of employees. Research has shown that over 90% of employees offered a Stafits plan will use it within 11 months. How’s that for employee engagement?

How does this work?
Every month a contribution is made to your travel plan. When you’ve got enough for a vacation, you take a vacation – or keep on adding to your plan for something bigger and better. Alternatively use your plan to pay for most of your vacation and top up for the rest yourself.

When can I start packing?
You can start redeeming your travel dollars for a vacation after one month.

Am I going to need 12,000,000,000 travel dollars or whatever saved up before I get a holiday?
No, travel dollars in your plan means real dollars, not mythological miles, imaginary points, pseudo-credits or magical rebates. $1,200 in your travel plan is $1,200 you can spend here.

Any restrictions on where I can go?
We hear North Korea’s a bit tricky but otherwise take your pick from here. You want to go large? 100% of each month's travel contributions are carried forward into next months plan. So go ahead, save up for that exotic dream vacation you’ve always wanted. Alternatively, top up your plan by paying any extra vacation cost yourself.

Pie graph depicting ROI (eg. from retention, attraction and employee engagement) on wellness programsBar graph demontration money saved for every wellness dollar spent
84% of organizations anlyzing ROI are having positive resultsChart showing the health and mental benefits of wellness initiatives

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

We’d prefer to think of how much it will not only save you, but by how much a well executed wellness plan like Stafits can increase your bottom line. A recent IFEB (International Federation of Employee Benefits) study indicated that, out of all employers with wellness programs, more than 60% of those who measured their ROI discovered a return of $1 - $3 on every dollar spent on wellness initiatives.
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Providing employees with exciting benefits can help you get the most out of their performance. We provide a staff retention plan that works by offering various travel products, incentives, perks and exciting benefits to your staff. It’s just like a loyalty plan for your team. The longer your employees stay on board, the higher their chance of accumulating contributions for lavish vacations, cruises, and other exciting getaways. Seeing as contributions never reset or expire, your employees will be more motivated to work hard.

Stafits is the first and only supplemental benefits and perks program to work in a similar way a Health Savings Account. In other words, unused funds are returned to the employer should an employee leave, quit, be suspended or terminated. This way, only the funds spent by the employee constitute the cost of the plan in the long run.
But back to your original question, Stafits charges a small administration fee to cover every participants personalized software, plan management, dedicated support, and licensed travel agents. The administration fee is capped at 8% of the contribution amount, but most employers’ admin fees are much lower as the fees are based on number of participants.

A small monthly contribution is all it takes to increase the overall productivity and motivation of your staff, resulting in more sales and better customer service. Many companies we work with are pleasantly surprised at the quality of talent they start attracting. You’ll be able to build a team of far more experienced workers, with less people who are still in the learning phase.

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Retention is another way we can assist in reducing your overall costs. Employee turnover costs you, the employer 30% - 150% of the replaced employees’ annual salary. Factoring in wanted ad placement, screening, interviewing, on boarding, training and the man-hours that go along with all of these. Not to mention the greater experience brought to whatever task is asked of that employee. Retaining is usually the better option, when compared to replacing.

Here are some highlights of an Aberdeen Group Report

greater customer loyalty
"Companies with an employee engagement program enjoy 233% greater customer loyalty"
increase in revenue
"Employee engagement programs help companies enjoy 26% greater annual increase in revenue"
That’s the real Employer Value Proposition.
Now you see why a plan like Stafits is actually going to increase your bottom line.

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Who We Are

Stafits is a company comprised of a group of innovative thinkers who are also business owners. We have been searching for innovative, successful ways to attract the right employees, improve staff retention and reduce turnover. Talking to many business owners, we discovered, that we are not alone.
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So we asked ourselves, “What can we offer staff members that they would all want and look forward to?’ It was a no-brainer – A VACATION BENEFIT.

We’d like to think of this initiative as the new gold standard for the attraction and retention of staff for your business. In addition to all the financial aspects of this plan, including taxation implications, business expenses and implementation, there is a long list of other details that make this travel incentive plan so unique.

Wouldn’t you agree that a happy, well-rested employee contributes to increased productivity, improved moral, which ultimately results in a better bottom line?

Details, Details

Our job is to make sure everything is taken care of for you. We sweat all the details, so you don’t have to, successfully guiding your program from design to launch and beyond. And when it’s time to book a vacation, we’ll be there to help employees with every aspect of their chosen destination.

When all is said and done, employer involvement is minimal. Stafits does it all so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing this incentive program is in very experienced, capable hands.

With that in mind, we would welcome the opportunity to sit down in person and discuss all the things that go into making this plan the perfect vehicle to attract and retain choice employees.

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