Employee Motivation: 5 Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Motivated

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We spend one-third of our life at work and we are at a day in age where work is much more than just a paycheck.

Unfortunately, the majority of workers are dissatisfied with their job or their work environment.

So, in a time where work culture is so important, how are you supposed to motivate and engage your employees to produce their best work?

Fortunately, you’re not the only employer facing this problem. And this guide will introduce you to a variety of productivity methods to increase employee motivation.

Become a Better Leader

Because what is a successful team without a successful leader? Focus on what you as a leader can do for your team as opposed to what your team should be doing for you.

Instead of pinpointing your employee’s faults, failures and weakness, try looking at the problem from a different perspective. Instead, highlight your team’s strengths and successes. Not only is this increasing the optimism in the office, but it’s also earning your employee’s trust.

Get to know each team member. Highlight employees who go above and beyond. Encourage your team to take risks. Because at the end of the day, people often want to produce their best work for companies and managers who trust them and provide a positive workspace.

Show Employees Their Work Matters

Working on small, day to day tasks can seem redundant and irrelevant to employees. By showing your team a bigger picture of how their work truly does matter to the company can remind them that the work they complete is important.

This will allow your employees to realize that they play a crucial role in the company and that their work is greatly appreciated. People like feeling that their work is playing a larger role in a company’s success.

This task requires strong organizational skills from a strong leader, but the results can be highly beneficial to the motivation of your employees and the overall office morale.

Focus On Corporate Culture

According to a study of 5,000 employees, the number one reason people start the search for a new job is that they’re bored. And at the end of the day, people don’t want to continue to come to work when they are bored and hate their job.

To fix this problem, try to design a fun and interesting corporate culture for your employees. Obviously, there are certain day to day tasks that your employees are responsible for completing.

But by implementing a game area in the office, Friday pizza day, fun company outings or even decorating the office, your employees will start to have fun at work, which will promote that day to day motivation you’ve been searching for.

Encourage Movement Throughout The Day

Getting your employees up and moving will get their blood pumping and creative juices flowing. Not to mention that it will also break up the workday a little a eliminate boredom.

Encourage your employees to go for a coffee run. Have your whole staff stretch at their desks once an hour. Hire a yoga instructor to lead a yoga class in the breakroom once a week. And, if you’re feeling extra appreciative of your employees, implement standing desks in the office.

Employee Motivation Can Boost Company Success

Increasing employee motivation and alertness is essential to not only reduce turn around rates but to also boost company success. By implementing these few tricks, you will see your employee’s motivation levels increase in no time along with their work performance.

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Employee infrographic on benefits of wellness programs

employer infographic on benefits of wellness plans

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