Where will you go next...


An employee benefit plan that really does want me to go places

Join the employee benefit plan that contributes real dollars to your vacation plans. Every month you’ll earn travel dollars from your employer that accumulates in your wellness account until you’re ready to take a break. So here’s the question – where do you want to go from here?

How does this work?
Every month a contribution is made to your travel plan. When you’ve got enough for a vacation, you take a vacation – or keep on adding to your plan for something bigger and better. Alternatively use your plan to pay for most of your vacation and top up for the rest yourself.

When can I start packing?
You can start redeeming your travel dollars for a vacation after one month.

Am I going to need 12,000,000,000 travel dollars or whatever saved up before I get a holiday?
No, travel dollars in your employee benefit plan means real dollars, not mythological miles, imaginary points, pseudo-credits or magical rebates. $1,200 in your travel plan is $1,200 you can spend here.

Any restrictions on where I can go?
We hear North Korea’s a bit tricky but otherwise take your pick from here. You want to go large? 100% of each months travel contributions are carried forward into next months plan. So go ahead, save up for that exotic dream vacation you’ve always wanted. Alternatively, top up your plan by paying any extra vacation cost yourself.
Map of Europe with pins on wellness travel locations

Any Strings Attached?

As far as we can see, absolutely not! In fact, our plan is chock full of Nos:

No hidden fees. No points to collect. No travel restrictions. No kidding. Simply put, this employee benefit plan is the easiest, simplest way to make sure you have the funds you need to take a well-deserved, exciting vacation.

And even if you are terminated or quit, you can either continue to use the plan, or if you choose, withdraw the funds in cash. But wait, there’s more: Unlike traditional benefit plans, the funds do not expire at the end of the year. On the contrary – they keep accumulating until you use them.

Do I get more travel dollars the longer I stay with my employer?
That depends on your employers plan – some businesses choose to increase their contribution in line with how long you work with them.

Can I sell or transfer my travel credits to a friend or family?
No, but you can use your travel dollars to buy them a ticket.

Do I really have to read the fine print?
Yes, you should – all the Terms and Conditions are here but we’ve written them in plain English so you know exactly where you stand without needing a law degree.

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