4 Workplace Wellness Trends to Implement in 2019

workplace wellness trends

The global wellness industry is worth $3.7 trillion.  Of course, not all of this money is put to good use. If you’re looking at health and wellness programs to offer your employees in 2019, check out these workplace wellness trends. 1. Start Serving Healthy Snacks Having beer on tap may make your company seem “cool”, but it’s definitely not encouraging … Read More

6 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas to Promote Wellness in Your Workplace

employee appreciation day ideas

66% of workers say they’d quit their job if they felt underappreciated. It’s so crucial that companies take the time to make their employees feel special and valued. Employee appreciation days are a great way to show your staff how much you care. But ditch the donuts and balloons. Your employees deserve something truly special. Here are six employee appreciation … Read More

Employee Health Should Matter to Employers: Here’s Why

employee health

What if your business was slowly dying and you never even knew it? Most employers worry about things like productivity and profit. However, they need to worry about the employees who are at the center of all of this. Poor employee health means poor health for your business. Fortunately, you can try to improve employee health in many ways to … Read More

Pack Your Bags!: Why You Should Encourage Employees to Use Vacation Time

vacation time

More workers are finally starting to understand how important it is to take vacation time. According to CNBC, vacation use is up, and people are ready to get out of town. When you run a company, you might think it’s a good thing when your employees don’t want to take a vacation. How dedicated are they? They must really love … Read More

Employee Motivation: 5 Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Motivated

Employee Motivation

We spend one-third of our life at work and we are at a day in age where work is much more than just a paycheck.  Unfortunately, the majority of workers are dissatisfied with their job or their work environment. So, in a time where work culture is so important, how are you supposed to motivate and engage your employees to … Read More

How to Create an Employee Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Did you know that happy employees actually perform better at work? It’s true! Research has shown that happier staff can even improve your company’s sales. If you want to know how to make your staff feel better at work, look into creating an employee wellness program. This program will help your employees focus on both their physical and mental health, which will improve their … Read More

5 Unique Employee Benefits Your Staff Will Love

unique employee benefits

You already know that it’s important to keep your current employees happy. But did you know that offering great benefits is one of the top reasons why talent chooses an employer? Putting together a great benefits package can help your company attract — and keep — the best talent around. Here are five unique employee benefits that employees are sure … Read More

3 Reasons Why Employees Aren’t Taking Time Off from Work

taking time off from work

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Project Time Off, 52% of Americans aren’t taking time off from work and using their PTO. Odd? Well, what other countries used to view as an “American” trait of over-working is beginning to spread as Canadians are seeing similar trends…  As a business owner or HR representative, you may find some of these reasons for … Read More

Employee Retention Techniques: 5 Ways to Keep a Happy and Motivated Workforce

employee retention techniques

More than ever, businesses are struggling to keep their best employees. Job hopping is up 22% from four years ago in 2014. Experts suspect the reason for the rise in job hopping is a strong economy. Also, Millennials do not trust employers in the same way as previous generations. They saw what happened to their parents during the Great Recession, … Read More

Well, Well, Well: 5 Great Reasons Why Companies Should Have Wellness Programs

wellness programs

66% of companies have expanded their wellness programs in the past five years. Wellness programs are unique to each company but may consist of healthier food options, fitness centers on campus, and the like to boost employee wellness. But is having a wellness program at work right for your business? Let’s explore some reasons why a wellness program may fit right into … Read More