5 Unique Employee Benefits Your Staff Will Love

unique employee benefits

You already know that it’s important to keep your current employees happy. But did you know that offering great benefits is one of the top reasons why talent chooses an employer?

Putting together a great benefits package can help your company attract — and keep — the best talent around.

Here are five unique employee benefits that employees are sure to love.

1. A High-End Rec Room

Most offices have a break room of some sort, but a dusty old couch doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s workers are more stressed out than ever and deserve a place to unwind and take a break.

Help your employees live a healthier, more balanced life by including a rec room to serve as their home away from home.

Include light beverages and snacks, televisions, phone charging stations, comfortable furniture, and more.

It may seem like a major expense — and is, to a degree. But it’s far easier to pay for employee comfort than lose an employee to burnout.

2. Unlimited Sick Days

Companies put a lot of pressure on their employees to output as much work as possible. Unfortunately, that often means coming into work sick.

A sick worker isn’t only an unproductive employee, but a liability for the rest of the office. One day an employee drags themselves into work sniffling and sneezing, and the next thing you know the entire office is too sick to work.

Before you know it, your once productive office is a breeding ground of bacteria.

Allowing unlimited sick days (with documentation, of course) alleviates pressure and helps keep your office clean.

3. Access to Health Facilities

Studies have shown that exercise has the potential to improve productivity. Regular exercise was found to increase blood flow to the brain, resulting in higher levels of concentration and alertness. Furthermore, exercise can actually aid in relaxation.

So if you’re looking for happier, more productive employees, consider granting them access to facilities like health clubs and gyms.

For those looking to go above and beyond, adding nutritionist or personal trainer consultations is another great step.

4. Student Loan Assistance

The average student takes out $37,172 in student loans to pay for their higher education. This debt tends to follow graduates around for years to come, forcing them to take lower-end jobs in order to make payments.

That means your company may be missing out on great talent, simply because they couldn’t afford to find your company.

Offering student loan assistance options ensure that younger, more educated talent brings their skills to your company instead of the coffee shop down the road.

5. Paid Travel

Most people have an innate desire to travel and see the world. Unfortunately, for many, the idea of travel is just a dream.

In Canada, for instance, most workers choose to stay closer to home during their vacation days. It isn’t by choice, though.

51% of respondents cited travel costs as the primary reason for their staycation.

Paying employees to take time off and experience new destinations is fulfilling for the employee.

But it also benefits the employer, as well.

Paid time off ensures that employees don’t become overworked and disgruntled. A well-rested employee is more likely to be a happier and more productive employee.

Employees Love These Unique Employee Benefits

It’s important that employers move past the idea that a basic healthcare package is enough to attract and retain great talent.

Now, companies must offer unique employee benefits that keep up with today’s competitive recruitment field.

Get in touch today to learn more about how you can upgrade your employee benefits package.

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