Employee Retention Techniques: 5 Ways to Keep a Happy and Motivated Workforce

employee retention techniques

More than ever, businesses are struggling to keep their best employees. Job hopping is up 22% from four years ago in 2014. Experts suspect the reason for the rise in job hopping is a strong economy. Also, Millennials do not trust employers in the same way as previous generations. They saw what happened to their parents during the Great Recession, … Read More

Well, Well, Well: 5 Great Reasons Why Companies Should Have Wellness Programs

wellness programs

66% of companies have expanded their wellness programs in the past five years. Wellness programs are unique to each company but may consist of healthier food options, fitness centers on campus, and the like to boost employee wellness. But is having a wellness program at work right for your business? Let’s explore some reasons why a wellness program may fit right into … Read More