3 Top Reasons for a Retention Strategy

When it comes to hiring and firing employees, some people cycle through people faster than Henry VIII – but there might be more reasons for employee retention than you might think. With companies boasting all kinds of perks of the job from the usual health and dental to travel and exercise bonuses – it’s no wonder that people are jumping … Read More

Corporate Perks – Do’s, Don’ts and Ideas

Corporate perks can be seen in so many weird and wonderful ways – and it’s in no way about to slow down. Perks can be in the form of classic medical and dental cover to innovative standing desks and onsite workout programs to paid leave for travel and activity days. But with so many different options available, what can you … Read More

How Important Really is Employee Retention?

Employee retention is a big topic of conversation at the moment in the corporate world and with good reason too. More and more companies are seeing valuable employees stay for shorter and shorter periods of time due to the fast-paced nature of the modern age. With opportunities for young professionals coming left right and center with startups, travel and entrepreneurship … Read More

Top 5 Wellness Trends in Corporate Canada for 2018

Wellness benefits have never been bigger than they are right now. With the world taking a shift over to see things from a happier, more fulfilling and more productive light – it makes sense for us to focus on wellness as a valuable part of employment. Gone are the days of choosing a job for safety, or a certain number … Read More