Want to Keep Your Staff Happy? Send Them Far Away!

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Five reasons why vacations are necessary for maintaining healthy, happy and motivated employees and the one reason you should do it, the bottom line. By Gil Koren Stress used to be a good thing meant initially to help keep us safe. Stress releases hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol bringing on the fight or flight response that was necessary for … Read More

I Quit!

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Transient workforce – let’s change the way we view our staff. In the best case scenario, you get two weeks notice. Usually, it’s just a no-show, a hole in the schedule, that requires an immediate solution. Frantically scrambling and calling everyone and anyone that will answer to ask if they’re able to cover a shift. Running a restaurant for seven … Read More

Free From Fees Giveaway

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Everyone wants a Stafits Supplemental Benefits and Perks plan at work. Now is your chance to get one. Win a Stafits Plan, completely free for one year for your whole company. Absolutely no admin fees for a whole year. Draws will be held weekly for the month of March. Winners will be announced every Monday. Good Luck! Visit the contest … Read More