Wellness Benefits Done Well.

Wellness benefits in the workplace are an essential investment in any companies most important asset, their employees. A wellness strategy should be a mixture of internal engagement initiatives and benefits and perks to help employees achieve a work-life balance. Stafits has wellness benefits and perks covered. By providing a tailored solution for every employer's needs, that focuses on a solution that every employee will want and appreciate.

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Attraction, Retention and Motivation Done Right.

Attracting the top talent available. Retaining your best and brightest. Motivating everyone of your staff, is what we believe wellness benefits should be. So that’s exactly what we did. Through technology we help employers by offering a platform to engage your employees with wellness benefits and perks that they really want and will appreciate. The employee value proposition is quite obvious in a Stafits plan. What’s less obvious is the employers value proposition. Which we’d be happy to discuss with you. Sign up for a demo and let us show you how a Stafits plan can be of benefit to you.


Our Elevator Pitch

Employee Value Proposition

The anticipation of a vacation or travel generates an increase in positive feelings about one’s life as a whole, family, economic situation and health. Would it not be a dream to have everyone at work walking around either anticipating a vacation or still invigorated by the one they just had. Flights, vacations, cruises, hotels, rental cars, spa’s, adventures, dedicated licensed travel agents, price matching… Do we really need to say more?

What’s It Going To Cost?

Considering the cost of turnover is between 30%-150% of the replaced employee’s salary depending on position. Taking into consideration wanted ad placement, time spent on screening and interviewing. Orientation, onboarding and training. The real question is how much will you be saving. ”Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business. It’s as simple as that” – Sir Richard Branson

No Roadblocks Here

This plan was designed by employers in retail and hospitality who are as allergic to compilations and distractions as you are so there’s minimal intervention on your part. With no minimum annual spend and no minimum number of employees to sign up. Consider us your shiny new tool in your HR toolbox. No one knows how to run your business better then you. We just want to be there when you need us.

Employer Value Proposition

Wait what? The real uniqueness about a Stafits plan, is our benefit to employers. First and most important benefit is having a happy, engaged and motivated staff. But there is another benefit that’s so out there, so different, we prefer telling you about it in person.

Not a Secret Anymore

  • “So much better than what I expected.”

    So much better than what I expected. The food service industry has always been a hard industry in which to hire. So when developing and opening a new concept eatery I knew I was facing an uphill battle when it comes to hiring. Having a Stafits plan in my back pocket to offer candidates proved so much more appealing then I would have ever imagined. Candidates eyes just lit up when I described the benefit and perk platform we provided through Stafits. Since we’ve opened I see how motivated my team is and how much hype there is around Stafits, I know this plan will be a big help when we start our planned expansion in the future.

    – Riley McGeeGeneral Manager at Adam’s Burger Bar

  • “I would highly recommend a Stafits plan for any business looking to motivate their staff.”

    The impact our Stafits plan has had on both our administrative and manufacturing sides of the company has far exceeded my expectation. AWF has been offering traditional benefits almost since day one, but I have been on the hunt for something that could motivate the different departments and have an impact on the lives of our employees. From our initial contact until today, Stafits have proven themselves to be very customer-centric and go above and beyond to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and getting max value from their plans. I would highly recommend a Stafits plan for any business looking to motivate their staff. In fact, I already have introduced three companies we work with to Stafits, and they all have thanked me for it.

    – Alex LivshePresident at Amazing Window Fashions

  • “The Platform is a real team motivator and a game changer…”

    I have heard the staff talk about Stafits, they talk about plans they have for their account and it has definitely caused a buzz. The Platform is a real team motivator and a game changer when it comes to attracting new talent as well. Moving forward I see it as a major factor in strengthening our corporate culture and wellness initiatives.

    – Tim PalmerSenior Finance Manager at Trillium FSB

  • “I am super impressed with how friendly their customer service team was.”

    The customer service team helped me every step of the way and made sure I was ready to go. Having a benefit like this to look forward to using whenever I want to go away is AMAZING! I am super impressed with how friendly their customer service team was. I already can’t wait to book my next trip.

    – Catia SParticipant

  • “I absolutely love Stafits!”

    I absolutely love Stafits! As an employee, having access to this program has a significant impact on my life and work performance. It has provided me an avenue to recharge my state of mind and avoid the dreaded “burnout” that I’ve experienced while being an efficient employee in a fast-paced work environment. This benefit will factor into my future employment decisions when comparing compensation packages.

    – Kyle GParticipant

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Not That You Need Convincing…

Why vacations, travel and leisure as wellness benefits? The answer is simple. Nothing has more of an affect on the morale, motivation and general well being of your staff. Here are a few key factors why supplementing your existing benefits with a Stafits wellness benefit is a good idea.

Vacations Can Decrease Stress

The fact that stress is linked to diseases and complications like diabetes, obesity, depression, heart disease, anxiety and many more illnesses is something we all know. But have you ever considered a simple vacation could reduce all that. In a study out of the University of Calgary, researchers followed nearly 900 lawyers working in high-stress law firms and found that activities like playing sports; visiting friends and vacationing were vital in reducing depression. Maybe it has something to do with vacation adding a general boost in happiness.

Improve Mental Health

Almost 1400 participants in studies on breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and other conditions, that were conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center, found “Leisure, including vacations, contributed to more positive emotions and fewer negative feelings and depression,” as reported by NPR. Jessica de Bloom and her colleagues at Radboud University in the Netherlands also support this finding in their paper, “Vacation (after-) Effects on Employee Health and Well-Being, and the Role of Vacation Activities, Experiences and Sleep“ published in Journal of Happiness Studies. They studied what effect long vacations (over 14 days) have. The findings were that people felt healthier, less tense and had higher levels of energy. That the people studied while on vacation have more life satisfaction in general.

Reduce The Risk of Death by Heart Disease

Psychosomatic Medicine published a study in which researchers found that among men who were at high risk for coronary heart disease, the ones who vacationed regularly (once a year) were 21% less likely to die of any cause other than old age, and 32% less likely to die of heart disease. The Framingham Heart Study, which is the longest running study of cardiovascular disease, found that women who went 6 years between vacations were 8 times more likely to develop coronary heart disease or have a heart attack versus women who vacationed twice a year.

Aren’t these the three main things you would want to address in your corporate wellness initiatives?

Let us customize a solution for you.