Stafits + You = Supporting Vacation Dreams.

Everyone loves vacations, and your employees are no different!
Stafits enables you to support their wanderlust through our efficient, research backed solution.
Providing achievable work-life balance makes your company authentic.
Offering Stafits is a statement that you–the employer–care.

Boosting morale with benefits can increase productivity

However, employees often feel that their benefits are unusable. Hard working individuals need a personalized reward system–not burnout! It’s time to change up the game–you need a new hand to play. That’s where Stafits Vacation Benefits come in. How about offering a vacation to the wide adventure of anywhere. Yes, anywhere-this year. Give your employees something to experience. That’s when #productivity increases #profit.

We do the Heavy Lifting

On the Stafits platform, everything is all in one place.
Administrative capabilities, billing management, and monitoring multiple benefit tiers is easy. We work alongside any existing benefits you have, and accommodate your personal business needs.

#Flex Like No Other

Employees deserve a benefit they can customize. A daydream turned experience–all at their fingertips! With every hour they’re getting that much closer to their dream vacation—that’s the motivation they’ve been craving. It’s time to showcase a benefit they can see on the horizon.

Business in the Back, Party in Front

Contribute. Plan. Book. It’s that easy.
Each month, a contribution is made to your employee’s travel plan. When they’ve got enough for that stress-free vacation–they take it! Online booking, travel concierge or reimbursement. We have you covered.


Profit Increase


Turnover Reduction




Millennials Vacation Deprived

  • – Too Much Content.
  • – Too Little Context.
  • – We can solve that in 30 minutes.

Employee infrographic on benefits of wellness programs

employer infographic on benefits of wellness plans

Account Set Up

Simplicity is key!
-You'll be receiving an email with your account information and a temporary password to log in.
-Upon first login you will be asked to change your password and a few other details, so we can always verify it's you.
-Once on the portal, you can manage and change your details, view your balance and book your next vacation.

Set Your Goal

Yes, anything.
No one is going to tell you how to relax, enjoy yourself and spend your time off. We want to ensure that you're doing something that excites you.
With Stafits, you can book flights, vacations, cruises, hotels, rental cars, buses, campgrounds, water taxis and anything else you can imagine.
We want you to live your dreams, not limit them.

Book It

Use our desktop or mobile app, to browse, plan and dream of your next vacation. Once you're ready to book, here are your options:
-Online Booking: Book directly from the platform using the funds in your Stafits account.
-Reimbursement: Book on your favourite website or with your agent. Approved expenses get reimbursed within 72 hours.
-Travel Concierge: Call one of our professional travel advisors and for no extra charge let them answer any questions you have, recommend places and even make the booking for you.